Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 2

I moved into a flat with shared space.   It was in walking distance of my job.  Further,  I could do a lot of work on my computer at ‘home’.

It was an empty flat.   I had this bedroom, that bathroom, and was to share the kitchen and living room and veranda with another tenant.

It was completely acceptable.  Until  Jade rented the other bedroom.

I didn’t think much of it until she began dumping  trailer loads of stuff  in the living room and kitchen.

I had a small fridge and a microwave  which I promptly moved into my bedroom to avoid fighting my way through  her rubble.

When I went to confront, she gave me this heart breaking story about how her parents house had burnt down and that this is what she salvaged.   I would not have salvaged 80% of the stuff for it was the kind of crap you could leave on a road and it wouldn’t be stolen.

As bad as sharing space with a bona fide mad hoarder, she had a dozen cats.


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