Bunga Boy -5

A Bungaboy doesn’t understand reality.   He sees an older woman with money.   He doesn’t ‘get’ that she is buying him, he thinks she’s in love with him.  He thinks he is so clever that he can trick her into paying his bills.

If he had the capacity to analyse the situation,  he wouldn’t be in it.  At least not ignorantly.

He doesn’t understand that she expects him to be faithful, respectful, and to elevate himself.  

He has no intention of being faithful, respectful, or elevating himself because he finds no fault.

He believes he has caught her eye because he was so sexy and handsome and she is hopelessly in love with him.

He takes what he can, thinks he can get more.   He doesn’t argue with her because he couldn’t care less.

He will dress as he pleases, speak as he pleases, do what he wants.


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Written by jaylar

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