Bunga Boy – 26

Where a wealthy woman might ‘hire’ a gigolo, and a common tourist will gain a beach boy or a rentadread, it is that slightly deranged older woman who is lunch for the Bungaboy.

Thinking he is so beneath her that he is no threat, thinking that she can dazzle him with gifts and a pricey flat, she allows him into her life.

He, aware she’s not all there will play her for as long as he can.

He may live in her house, eat her food, have her buy him clothes, maybe a car.  He uses her as toilet paper and she doesn’t realise it.

As she is not compos mentis she will have difficulty in getting rid of him or being able to make a report if he steals from her.  

He knows how to play the kind and innocent creature.

She may be able to speak cogently for a few minutes then, a few words will have her laughing insanely or making ridiculous statements.

He may not be able to read at High School level but he knows how to exploit his ‘benefactor.’


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Written by jaylar

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