Both Sides Now – Jack – 6

Jack sat in front of his computer, but wasn’t looking at the screen.  He was remembering  his last date with Paula.   

Oh yes,  how could he have forgotten.

They’d been at the Hang Out with another couple.   Paula was talking to the other girl, whose name Jack couldn’t recall,  and when he looked around there was a sexy blonde giving him the eye.

He went to the blonde, using getting a refill as his excuse, and made a date.  Made a date with the blonde while Paula sat not twelve feet away.

Hot to get to the blonde, he rushed Paula out of the Hang Out, raced her home, the radio blasting, she got out, he drove off, and met the blonde.  Met the blonde and was made the fool for Blondie was a pro and it was pay for play..

It wasn’t in the movie.  Obviously the writer didn’t know that part… the writer…?

He stopped the movie, went to Wikipedia.   The movie was based on a book written by P.Kaye Harlan.   That was Paula K. Harlan.

That was the famous P.Kaye, who wrote books, who wrote scripts. who was a celebrity.  That was the woman who once dated him.


What do you think?


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