BLM Protest This Evening in My Area

Friday, 6.19.20

When I was driving to the Woodbridge area, at around 5:30 pm, I suddenly noticed a huge rally by the Irvine Civic Center. I noticed some BLM signs while driving. It was a big crowd on the lawn by the street. 

Then, at around 7:45 pm, when I was driving back home, I noticed the same group marching on the sidewalks, by the Irvine Civic Center. They all carried huge signs with BLM and Black Lives Matter. This is one of the biggest protest/rally I have seen in Irvine. It was a very peaceful protest/rally. Irvine is a small and quiet suburb, sometimes too quiet. 

I couldn’t take any snapshots because I was driving. 


What do you think?

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