Better Unsaid – 8 – End

For forty two years and continuing, Max and Mae had the ‘perfect marriage’.    There were no dark corners.  There were never ‘confessions’  there was never questions from the past.

 It was only when watching a show in which there was an affair and the idiot who cheated told the innocent partner, that Mae recalled the past.

She remembered those moments with Devon.  Those long gone meaningless moment with a man she never saw again.

She never thought of Devon, never spoke of the time Max was away and she felt abandoned.   It was only when watching a show, like tonight’s drama, that Mae reflected how stupid people can be.

There is a difference between being ‘honest’ about something that actually effects a couple and unnecessary information.

What happened between Mae and Devon had been a confused meaningless one off, as important as mis-dialing a phone number.

Mae had never told Max, and felt blessed.  For that meaningless affair, if spoken,  would have destroyed her life.



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Written by jaylar

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