Barry's Diaries – 94

The same way he described the evening to his parents, he transcribed  it would go into his Journal.

“Stranded at a dead end we decided to go where our folks were. As we came out of the noplace we were accosted by what I supposed can be called a ‘predator’.”

“Madison picked it up, spoke in a loud voice, and she and I went to the diner on the corner.  We kept talking in a make it up as we went along, to give the impression we weren’t aware of the danger.”

“When we got into the diner, Madison called her mother.  We hung a short time, she arrived, and then we jumped in and went to the better venue.”

“My mother, when told, was more upset than she needed to be, considering nothing happened.   I told her;  Mom, Madison had it down pat.  She knew what to say, how to act and we were inside the diner in a minute…”

Barry looked at his Journal, deciding how he would write about the kiss.

The kiss was  important.  

Maybe not as important as how he read Madison, but considering it was his first kiss, it was important.


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