Barry's Diaries – 93

The evening went perfectly, and just before midnight there were fireworks and everyone ran to the patio.  Madison guided Barry up a few steps so they would have no one in front of them.

She was on the higher step.

As the countdown hit; “3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!” she leaned down and kissed him.   Kissed him in that decent way he wanted.

He smiled at her, she at him, and they embraced and kissed again.

Barry was so happy.  Everything was perfect.  

They held each other and watched the final fireworks, then went back in to dance and have some snack.

At 2 am their folks came up and they said ‘good night’ with cheek pecks, and went home with their families.

On the way home Barry described the situation at the other venue, and admitted how good this one had been.  His parents, who had seen everything, exchanged glances, and smiles.


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Written by jaylar

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