Barry's Diaries – 88

Barry loved the way he looked.   He hoped Madison would feel the same.

He was a bit scared, for he was such a total virgin that he didn’t even know if he should kiss her at midnight, and then… where?  Cheek, Lips?

He’d seen those big mouthed kisses on television and they looked nauseating.   All that spit….

He decided he’d do the baby kiss, lips together.   If Madison pushed for more….

He could go to the Diner and play with one of the sluts there… she’d know every form of kissing… but it was better not.

If Madison found him … virgin…  well he was.   And to pretend otherwise would make him look stupid.

So he’d do that kind of friendly kiss…


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Written by jaylar

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  1. I have a thought. If perhaps you would give me the links of one complete story and I would post the links so they could read them all at once with a click on each and perhaps they will comment and you can comment back. Or if you are giving up, please let me know.

    • When I write a story I break it into chapters. When I publish, I go over the stories and knowing that this one might be published on Monday and the next chapter on Weds I do a little extra info so that the continuity is retained.

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