Barry's Diaries – 85

Barry thought of asking Madison what he should wear;  then realised he ought have asked if it were formal or informal when he called.

To call her again would make him seem stupid.  Cool Barry, Mav Barry, wouldn’t do that.

He went to his mother, told her about needing something for a New Year’s Eve Party he was invited to.

She was so thrilled that her son, that nerdy lonely ‘nobarry’ (for she had read his old diaries,  but never would mention it) had been invited somewhere, she took him shopping the next day.

She had learned from one of her friends what the top shops were.

She wasn’t doing the miser Mommy or the Frugal Parent, for the first in his life he was everything she could wish for him, and killing her credit card was not a problem.  


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Written by jaylar

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