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Barry's Diaries – 71

That night, Barry wrote in his journal:

“Call it a Company Picnic held indoors.”

“She’s a real red head and beautiful.  Her name is Madison and it was instant bond.”

“We hung together and if there were others in our age group, if there were celebs or super stars, we didn’t see them.  Only each other.”

“Our talk was light and easy, filled silence with tiny feathers and what we ate or drank I don’t know.”

“Time passed too quickly and we were leaving.  Got her address, phone number and plan to meet for lunch and hang during  the week.”

“Got home and think of Madison, knowing it doesn’t matter which direction we go, cause the link is permanent.  What it links to is unknown.”

Barry didn’t bother to write in pencil.  He wrote in pen, and closed his journal.  


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Written by jaylar

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