Barry's Diaries – 20

“Arriving in my new domain I did a recon of the environment.   Among other features I saw my new High School. I expect it to be state of the art.”

Barry nodded, yes, that’s how Cool Barry saw the world.

His mother called to him.  She was taking him shopping, so he put the journal under his mattress and sauntered out.

He knew he was sauntering, because he had practiced it, and liked it.

As they came out of the house and got into the car he said; “Mom, I went by the school yesterday and noticed how the kids dressed. It’s pretty much jeans.”

“But that’s summer school, I don’t want you to be wrongly dressed for the term…”

“I figure two pairs of black jeans, a few tee shirts and nice button down shirts.   As to shoes, I noticed a lot of the boys are wearing sneakers or boots.   I figure a plain black sneaker for now…”

“Barry, you are really observant.  Yes, I’ll do the same.  I’d hate to be over or under dressed at work.”

He nodded sagely as if he could give his mother advice.

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