Back Rider – 4

Mrs. Pearson thought back to her youth, to the men, older men, who had money and position and ‘could help her in life’.  But she had instantly rejected them and their words.

Yes, she could recall being sweet  Andrea Chislom  in High School, working hard, hoping to get a scholarship.

Andrea Chisolm, rejecting the advances of older men who ‘could help her in life.’

She thought she did well on her exams but had not gained a scholarship.   Instead of real college, she went to Teacher’s College.   When she graduated she came to this Primary School.

The salary she made was not much, so she had lived with her parents until she met a decent man and they married.

Andrea and her husband  could pay the bills with both their salaries, but  could not afford a car.

So she, Senior School Teacher, committed to her students and country, rode home on the bus, and a gal like Keisha drove a BMW


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Written by jaylar

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