At the End – 9

The home where Ginny had been placed was quite good.  The residents seemed happy and comfortable.

Ginny seemed better there.  Happier, more comfortable.  She spoke to Wendy  in a more cogent manner, but was more interested in  a game her friends were playing.

This was not lost on Wendy or Phil or his wife.   Apparently, Ginny was happier here than she had been at home with Elsa.

Phil asked, knowing the answer.

Ginny was happy and didn’t want to go back to her mother.

As they left the home Wendy had to admit she felt rather shunned by Ginny’s lack of connection.  

Wendy had thought Ginny would embrace her, beg her to stay with her or take her with her…but Ginny as as interested in Wendy as she was in her father’s new wife;  as she was in the trash can in the corner.

Phil knew it, he’d done his research.

They returned to where they were staying, and the next day came to say good bye to Elsa.

Elsa tried to convince Wendy to stay and take Ginny, but Wendy had seen for herself that Ginny was better off where she was. She tried to tell Elsa but this only led to anger and shouting and doctors rushing in, telling them to leave.

Wendy, Phil and his new wife left quietly.


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Written by jaylar

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