At The End – 7

Phil, once Elsa’s husband and father of her children had remarried a year after he divorced Elsa.

He decided to visit  Elsa to let her see what she lost.

Wisely, he  demanded Wendy travel with him and his wife.  He did this to make sure that Elsa could put no pressure on Wendy to give up her new life to look after Ginny.

Phil knew how well Elsa could whine and twist to make everyone feel guilty and responsible.

But there was no one responsible save Elsa.

Elsa  knew that neither her husband nor her children wanted her to have a baby with Down’s syndrome.  They told her, loud and clear.  They told her,  in early pregnancy, that neither her husband nor her other children were going to take any responsibility.

That Elsa had been able to enslave her sister, Wendy, for seven years was not going to be repeated.

Not if if Phil could stop it.


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