At The End – 13 (conclusion)

It was nine months later that Elsa died.  

The family flew down to make funeral arrangements.   During discussions, Camille decided she would  visit Ginny, the sister she had  only seen on brief visits to her mother.Phil stopped Wendy from telling her about their own visit.  Let Camille see for herself.Camille took a taxi to the Home to which Ginny had been sent.  It wasn’t a bad place at all.   It seemed like a summer camp with over grown children, laughing, rushing around.She waited quite a time before Ginny arrived.   It was obvious  Ginny was quite comfortable there and quite disinterested in Camille.  

Disinterested in Camille and what she had to say until  Camille mentioned their mother,  Elsa.

Ginny burst out;   “I don’t want to go back.  I hate it there!   I am happy here!”  and ran off leaving everyone staring at Camille.

.Camille was stunned.  

Poor Mama,  poor stupid Mama!  She gave up her life, her family, everything for Ginny who was happier and better off at this Home. 

Moving to a front desk, she told the counsellor or whatever she was called,  that Elsa, Ginny’s mother had died, and if she wanted to go to the funeral.   

Camille left her number didn’t think she’d hear from Ginny and left the home, feeling so sorry for her mother.



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Written by jaylar

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