ANTIFA Exposed

Wednesday, 6.3.20

In this post, 4 different videos expose ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, intentionally creating damage and destruction for the New World Order agenda. 

#4 Antifa set fire to building with children in it

Ryan Dawson exposes ANTIFA terrorism. Bricks have been set up for ANTIFA to do their work. The bricks were situated in a place with construction to make it appear it is for the construction workers. They set a house on fire with kids, and then stop the Fire Department from taking out the fire.

Meanwhile, Palestinian kids are still being terrorized and murdered by Zionist Israel.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t really have anything to do with helping black people. It is being hijacked by terrorist groups for the New World Order agenda. They are doing all this on purpose to piss people off for a race war.

Native American kids were sex-trafficked long time ago so cowboys would buy them and rape them. Child trafficking and pedophilia started long time ago.

Native American and Black women were sterilized in 1970s.


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