And Comes the Fourth Generation – 167

The teacher, Mrs. Lopez, had run her classes from the premises for nearly twenty years.

She had been there with Miss Brown, the Matron. who took a little extra cash to not mention the school to the disinterested Board members.

To assist the Teacher, Miss Brown did not rent out Rooms 2 and 3 of the A block.   The Teacher slept in room 1 and used the veranda for the school.

This went well until someone mentioned the school to a Board member.

As the premises was in a Residential Area and listed as a Charity, no commercial operation was to take place.

The Board member and Miss Brown, (who had once had a relationship)  decided to move the Mrs. Lopez from A Block into the large house at the far west of the property.

It was more rent, yes, but larger and the classes could be held inside.


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