And Comes the Fourth Generation – 144

In late January, the Board which controlled Miriam House,  finally noted the ‘report’ Ann South had sent them in November Christmas, and responded.  

Odette’s hours were 8:30 to 4:30 and her list of duties was drafted.

When Ann South received the missive, she brought it to Odette’s attention.  

She read the portion to Odette, specifying times of arrival, departure and duties.  

Odette was angry, for she felt she deserved to be paid for work not done.   Ann South acted as an automaton.  She didn’t say a word of her own,  simply reported what the Board  had  written in the letter.  Odette could argue with them if she chose.

Odette wouldn’t think of saying a word to the Board members.  

She would just focus on how to come on time and leave on time and do as little as possible during the time.

The Board also requested Ann South hold a meeting of the tenants to inform them of the rules and take their complaints.


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