Almost Unbelievable – 1

Bob Cruger had arrived at the All Inclusive  mid day on Friday.   He had a meeting set for Monday and wanted relax time.

He was a high pressured music producer, trying to quickly sign those who were hot.  

Most were meteorites; one flash, endless darkness.  Some were comets, they’d shine somewhat longer, disappear forever.

He didn’t expect to find one of those stars which shone for years, churning out hits that would outlive them.

He was meeting some group on Monday and having been through this before, knew the exact kind of stupidness he would encounter.

There would be the low talent loud mouth who made demands.  The slightly  talented dunce who needed everything explained.  He didn’t expect any intelligent person to be in the room; just hungry managers, maybe a third rate lawyer, and the ‘musicians’.

So, he’d relax until Monday morning, then be driven to the meeting, spend how long, then back to the Hotel, relax, sleep, and fly out on Tuesday evening.


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Written by jaylar

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