After Adultery – 13

In the rather standard case of Dottie and Stan, discovering his adultery, she left him.

She went to a friend’s house, then to another friend, then rented her own flat.   She had the traumatic encounter when she and some friends went to take her things from the flat she’d lived with Stan.

She was a mess for a long time.

The place she rented was horrible.  She moved.  Then moved again. She had no life.

In a strange way, neither did Stan, for when Dottie left him it wasn’t a month before Slutina moved on.

This is common.

Women who go after married men dump them when they are no longer married.

The philosophy is rather simple.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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    • That is the tragedy. The husband has his fling, goes on with his life The wife ‘dies’. Her life is over and she continues to breath. What Wife had to do is just go into pause mode, until such time she can regain her life.


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