After Abuse (female abuser) -93

The reason female abusers are rarely unmasked is because they claim that the husband ‘wears the pants’.  They husband is in charge.  They submit to their husband. 

They give the image of the dominated wife who relies on the husband.  This is not near true.   The Female Abuser makes the statements, but does what she wants and forces the husband to do what she wants.

Female Abusers are  cunning and capable of manipulation.   They are so good at it, reality rarely enters.

The Male victim does not sit down and reflect that he has been separated from  all his friends and family.  If Kevin (mentioned in the previous articles) could realise:

 “The only time I can speak to my friends is when Lena is out,”  with the awareness that Lena doesn’t want him to speak to anyone beyond her, he would recognise his situation.  

But even where he does realise that “The only time I can speak to my friends is when Lena is out”  he will claim it is because Lena ‘needs him’.

The Female Abuser makes the male victim believe that she needs him, that she depends upon him, that he has an obligation as the ‘head of the family’ to her.

Outsiders can see it because it is so obvious.


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