After Abuse – 92

.Female abusers, as Lena are only ‘uncovered’ by outsiders; usually  people who used to be friends of her husband, Kevin.  And that revelation doesn’t happen quickly, unless one of those outsiders is familiar with domestic violence.

For example;   Beth had been a friend of Kevin’s from High School.  It puzzled Beth why Lena, Kevin’s wife, who was totally unlike her, was pretending they were friends.  Lena could never be a friend of Beth’s.  Lena was the kind of person Beth avoided.  

The facade of the friendly Lena continued until  she married Kevin.  Then the leash was imposed.

Beth, who had always felt something wrong with Lena now experienced it.  Kevin  had come to Beth’s house to help set up a system.  Lena knew this.  Yet, Lena was calling Kevin every other minute.

Why do that?  

Lena knew Beth was only a friend, knew why  Kevin was at her house. Yet, Lena must keep yanking the chain, she must  prove ownership of Kevin.   Not just to Beth, but Lena must  make Kevin understand he is under her control at all times.

Kevin will learn that unless Lena is occupied to the point she doesn’t need Kevin, he is to be at her beck and call.   

Kevin will learn he is not permitted to leave Lena on her own for any reason.   

Phone calls between Kevin and his friends, emails, video chats, can NOT be done when Lena is present.  For when Lena is present she controls every atom of Kevin.


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Written by jaylar

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