After Abuse – Bit of Deception – 114

In many cases where a husband is the victim of abuse by his wife,  he is often much larger, stronger and seemingly in control.

The abuse is not physical nor verbal. The abuse is the absolute control the wife exerts over the husband to the extent he can not speak to a friend on the phone unless she is absent or permits it.

She sets his ‘agenda’.

He obeys what she decrees; whether religious, political or social,  and in no way rebels.

Very often outsiders are struck by the fact that the husband obeys his wife without the slightest compunction.

When he is a ‘owned man’, that is,  has married a woman who supports him to the extent that without her he is in the street, it is not difficult to understand this chosen slavery.

In other cases, to go against her is so disruptive to his life he decided it was not worth the exercise of will.

Most Abused men do not realise or accept their situation, and live and die in their enslavement.


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