A Heavenly Reunion

I had a few dreams after my dad died and here was one when he took me to a special family reunion. This was special for it was located at a pavilion all in white. This was a reunion that was just like the ones we used to have with games for the kids and Bingo and all the good family homemade food and the many drinks from Kool-Aid, pop and even beer for some of the adults. I did noticed that there were some people I did not know and this was when my dad told me that this was a reunion of past relatives, even though there were a few I did know.

This was kind of a special dream for I think I saw my brother playing a game of baseball with the other kids for he will be forever a teen. The only thing about this dream is that I was not allowed to entered the pavilion for these relatives told me that “It is not my time yet.”  I walked around for awhile just wondering. These relatives even the ones I did not know smiled at me. After this dream I wish that my time comes soon, but I know that this is up to the Lord for only he knows when it will be my turn to enter the pavilion.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark


  1. Wow you are blessed to have such vivid dreams. Sorry for the loss of your brother. Another reminder from your Dad that you will all be reunited one day.