81 thousand Facebook accounts private messages for sale – Alert !!!!

The British media claims that hackers are preparing to sell up to 81,000 Facebook users’ data and private messages. According to the BBC, the hackers claim 120 million Facebook users’ data, which includes users’ private messages, Hackers are now preparing these private messages and data for sales.

Ukraine and Russia users have the highest number of users’ data, However, some users belong to the United States, Britain, Brazil and various countries.

Hackers have also published advertisements for selling consumer data hacked on social media. The Facebook said, all the necessary steps are taken to secure the data of users, however, data that has been hacked has been derived from other browsers.

The matter of selling Facebook users data was first seen in September this year, when the data sold ad was published from an account made from FBSaler’s nickname on social media.


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