365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 57, A Blue and Cloudy Evening

I can not say how much this challenges has done for my photography and creativity at that. The more you push yourself to be creative, the more you start noticing colors, patterns and interest. I have really gotten far behind on the schedule but am working desperately to catch up.

Yesterday evening I decided to see what a foggy evening had to offer. The first thing I noticed was a blue aura that surrounded everything. I feel like it’s almost a painting of cool blues with a rich warm accent of street lights.

How many times do we pass by the same place and not see anything special. If we are forced to stop and take notice and even seek something from the norm, suddenly a beautiful world makes itself known.

I hope you enjoy a blue cloudy evening…

Winter Jasmine, cool and fragrant

on the path

follow the shadows and light

go back

to the spring where everything was new

A whisper that reminds me of you

in April

the first of spring

winter jasmine, fragrant flowers

changes everything


What do you think?

Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey


  1. Absolutely breathtaking photos and poem Steve. It is definitely amazing how all of us see those little things in life I talk about so much, but if we stop and look around, we will be surprised what we will see. You nailed these foggy photos!