365 Day Photo Challenge Day 263, who is that riding near the cup holder of my car?

I have shared pictures of the character that rides in my car before.  His name is Flash. He comes from the movie Zootopia. As a sloth, he speaks very slowly in the movie. I won’t give away where his name comes from. He rides in my car just like Captain Lars rides in the boat. Flash joined our family from the RostockZoo in Germany. Lars joined out a family from a gift shop in Gelsinger Norway.I guess they are both world travelers. The funny thing is, I can’t get the other folks in the family excited about having someone ride in their cars with them. Maybe it truly is just me. People always ask me as they get into my car, why I have flash. I tell them he was from Germany, and they don’t ask anymore. Or, more likely I confused them with my answer.

Zootopia is a kids movie, but we all watched it while we were in Europe and loved it!


Anyone can join the photo challenge. You don’t have to have characters riding with you!

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