365 Day Photo Challenge Day 251, is that a selfie drone I see before me?

I have, sometimes, decried the reality of selfie drones. Yes, I did once threaten to knock and selfie drone out of the sky with a selfie stick. A friend of mine sent me one to try out (he is developing software for the company and wanted me to, well stop posting anti-selfie drone posts.) Based on my rules, that I told him before he sent the selfie drone, I won’t do a review and share it. I will if I like it, send it back to him buy one and do a review. More for the interesting options it presents going forward. I am still anti-selfie anything at this point. But we shall see. I am open-minded when it comes to tech. I am willing to admit I was wrong. Not that I am admitting I was wrong, I still have to play with the device.

I do miss technology trends from time to time.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Point your camera, or cell phone, select the picture option, click the button. Place that image here on Virily. Remember how many days you’ve been posting (that one gets me many times) and share!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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