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Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 10:15 pm, the night for the lunar eclipse, Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon, and I am doing Virily posts while watch the newer Blair Witch movie, where the younger brother goes to the woods with his friends to search for his missing sister and her friends from the first shitty movie that everyone made fun of.  At 11:05 pm, I walked outside to check out the moon, and it was very bright and beautiful that I thought I was going to be blinded by the glowing moon. I didn’t even have to walk very far to look for it because it was right over my townhouse. I just walked to the end of my carport and looked up, noticing a very crisp and clear white and glowing moon. I took a snapshot with my iPhone, but I haven’t uploaded the photos yet. It wasn’t blue or red. It was just white.

In my next trip down Yoworld memory lane, I check out some of my winter 2017 homes that I decorated.

The first stop is this Winter Castle, which is filled with toys, decorations, and treats. It is a fun winter wonderland that reminds me of the Nutcracker movie and Babes in Toyland.

This room is the kitchen and living room. It looks cozy and comfy. I even created my version of a window seat, where the stuffed reindeer is checking out the frosty winter outdoors. There is also a warm fireplace, cozy seats with yummy treats, lots of toys and games, and more gifts waiting to be opened under a modern Christmas tree.

I go upstairs to see a large bedroom and bathroom for four young people.  I added two more window seats with lots of pillows, as well as many pillows and blankets for holiday glamping. It looks like a fun room for any kid, as well as a kid at heart. This playroom is filled with board games, toys, and stuffed animals.

I take a stroll by the railroad tracks to see a horse and carriage, fishermen, and snowman family nearby.

I keep walking until I take a detour into a lovely path for winter lovers. There is a lovely waterfall as well as view past this waterfall.

This lovely path leads me to a cute winter cottage. Three snow-people greet me, and they invite me inside the warm cottage.

As I relax on a car bed, I check out three cute cats, a friendly bobcat and two small domestic cats. They are all indoor cats and very spoiled. The cats each have their bedding and food area as well as some toys. There is also a living room nook and bathroom. The cats are all trained to use the bathtub as a toilet.

I go to the backyard to play with 5 friend polar bears, who are like the guard bears for this cottage. One is animated. So, I pet and play with him for a while. He is so sweet.

I walk back on the same lovely pathway, and I arrive at this Ice Loft Palace. The front yard is filled with pet reindeer and moose as well as a pet duck. The people have been fishing for their pet dogs.

I enter the icy-colored room, and I notice three dogs, two deer, one chinchilla, one Frosty Fox, and one blue monkey. Three are animated, and they are very active, moving around a lot that it was hard taking a snapshot to get all of the animals. I see a loom, kitchen, small bathroom, living room and dining room, which looks very cozy and fun for a close-knit family.

The backyard looks elegant and fun, similar to a winter party. There are ice sculptures, balloons, ribbons, candles, wine table, and a frozen Jacuzzi. I notice that this house is so high that it has a nice view, especially by the wooden table. They are probably getting ready for a New Year’s Eve Party outside.

I went home, soonafter, where I noticed I received a New Year’s Eve invitation. So, I hopped into my convertible Jaguar and drove to a nice townhouse.

The sidewalk by the front door was filled with caterers, decorations, and tables. I noticed a lot of champagne bottles and flutes. The guests were starting to arrive, and a waitress served me some vegan food.

After I ate some food, I entered inside the townhouse. It was elegant, cozy, and cute. They had three pets, two dogs and a rabbit. I also noticed that some guests had their hats, coats, and purses on the floors and tables so that they could party outside with the others. The fireplace looked so warm and cozy that I sat there for a while, playing with the rabbit.

I walked down the street to party with the other people, and I noticed a parade. There were all kinds of people—Russian circus performers, clowns, children, security guards, wealthy people, store owners, and some vendors.Some of these people were speaking different languages that it was like a melting pot parade.

Happy New Year 2018!

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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