Starting My New Year…

Monday, August 20, 2018

I think the New Year is really a person’s birthday. My 54th new year was yesterday. So, today, I went to noon yoga class at the gym for a good stretch. Since I woke up late, I didn’t go on the treadmill. After the gym, I dropped by TJ Maxx for some specialty food groceries, in which most are either vegan or vegetarian. This foamy coffee topping was my latest find. I bought a couple of bottles in different flavors to support my coffee addiction. They should last me for a while. I also got some quinoa and healthy veggie chips, as well as some pretty yoga pants and sweat pants for my workouts. I also bought my favorite childhood candy–cotton candy. I used to call it “dreamy clouds” because it always puts me in a dreamy mood. Then, I drank a lot of icy water because I am always so thirsty in the summertime. I bought other little stuff. TJ Maxx is a fun store. Sometimes, it is just fun to browse inside this store when I don’t really need anything. So far, I am staying busy and filling up my calendar with different activities. I bought an organizer booklet to help me organize my schedule better because sometimes I forget to do some things.

I hope to make my 54th year a good one…

So far, my plans include yoga, pilates, treadmill, walking meetups, other meetups, finishing my script for the graphic novel and self-publishing, and remaining open for new adventures.


What do you think?


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