Roses To Chase Away The Blues

There are days in life when life is just not treating us right; we feel down and disappointed. We almost always come around people who are going through a hard time like a missing loved-one, a broken relation, a lost job, a missed exam, some broken hopes or just those long grey gloomy winter days.

All such situations can leave a person in deep blues which might sometimes prolong and be hard to get out of. We all go through such phases in life and we all need comfort. Know of someone who is in blues? The best solution, send them flowers!

Flowers are always the best way to brighten someone’s day. The bright colors give a fresh feel and help to cheer them up. The scent soothes the mind and helps lift the mood. All flowers have a secret message in them. The sunflowers always seem to say “have a bright sunny day!” giving a message of joy and ecstasy. The daisies with all their colors in one bouquet tend to say “life is so colorful, get out of the blues!”.

The hibiscus flowers are long and enchanting and give a message of “life is short, don’t waste it staying in depression!”. The roses are the always more than ordinary in giving a cheerful message. They have beautiful radiant colors, fresh sweet scent and an eye-catching beauty, all which adds to the excitement associated with arose bouquet. All flowers help in lifting the mood and providing energy to your loved one.

Sending roses to someone who is on the lower ebb of his mood is always a good idea. Roses have proved to play a vital role in making the sick feel better, a broken heart feel mended, a depressed feel happy and a hopeless feel hopeful.

A recent study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology told that people who looked at roses for a longer time or smelled them had higher levels of energy and happiness compared to people who were not exposed to roses. It has always been seen and felt that even in the most wilderness or debris a rose can manage to come out and bloom in the sunshine. Just like this it can make you come out of darkness and into the ray of hope.

Roses are always more comforting than words. Being humans we always try to comfort others with our words. We apologize if we think we have hurt or condole for losses. In either way we try to lessen the pain of people who we care about. Sometimes we run short of words or are at a distance far away and cannot reach others physically. This is when we can send them a beautiful bouquet of roses and with it, warmth and comfort. The color therapy is also very interesting and successful in pulling out people from blues.

Red roses give a message of love, admiration and affection while orange roses give energy and enthusiasm. Pink and purple roses give a message of joy while yellow give a message of happiness. White roses however are avoided alone and paired with other colored roses to get a happy-go-merry bouquet.

Some people face a lot of winter blues especially in countries where the winter is long and the days are short. For them a bouquet of red roses on a grey afternoon is perfect to bring a smile to the face. Also as the winter season ends, placing vases of fresh roses in the windows, hanging small pots on the entrance and planting the rose bush outside the window helps get rid of the winter blues and welcome spring in the most cheerful way.

Whether close or far away sometimes you can make your love and affection felt far better with roses in a box than with words. Choose your most brightly lit flower bunch from Shopalarose. These roses promise to cheer you up the year-long with their fragrance and color!


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Written by Jennifer Kurtz

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