Relaxing Group Stroll at UCI

Tuesday, 10.15.19

Around noon, I decided to walk to the local post office to mail two items. I soon noticed that the line is very long. After mailing my items, I walked back home and turned on the filtration to clean the room air in two rooms, my bedroom. I will probably do the living space area at night. I decided to wash a huge blanket, along with my robe. At around 5:30 pm, I walked to the UTC area again for a UCI walking meetup at 6:30 pm. The UTC was very busy today because first quarter just started at UCI. Around 19 people showed up for this walk. As we walked through the campus, I noticed it was still active, and the lights were on at different areas. 

I suddenly looked down at the ground and I noticed a colorful glittery paper…

It looked cute and magical, in a fantasy way, so I picked it up as a sign of some kind.

Then, I stumbled up this…

I am not even sure what this is or what it is used for.

As we walked, I started to get sweaty, and it wasn’t even hot outside. The weather was actually nice.After our walk through the UCI campus, we ended back at the UTC for a snack. I didn’t feel like pizza tonight. I decided I wanted something cold because I felt so hot and sweaty. So, I went to Yogurtland and bought three flavors, Blueberry, Purple Yam, and Praline Pecans, and I added dark chocolate chips and one wafer with creamy chocolate inside. It was good. 

At the end of the night, I check on my iPhone to notice I had walked 11,958 steps, 5 floors, and 5.2 miles. It is actually longer because I had walked to the UTC and back home earlier to mail two items. So, I am guessing it would be around a little over 12,000 steps, 5 floors, and 7 miles. 

I returned home at 9:30 pm. 

This fountain looks like a huge birdbath playground…

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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    • The frozen yogurt tasted good afterwards. But, when I arrived home that night, I was shock that my low blood pressure was too low and I had to eat salty foods to bring it up before I faint. I even put salt in my mouth and sucked on it, before I drank some water because my mouth felt too salty.

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