Relaxing But Productive Day

Wednesday, 11.2019

Today, I relaxed for most of the day, watching a Mad About You marathon, before doing some writing. From 3 pm to 5 pm, it was raining, which was a nice change. 

At around 4 pm, I opened the front door because I wanted to check my mailbox, and I noticed a big brown box at my doorstep. My new high-speed modem has arrived! I opened the box to notice it was slightly different from the old one. There were simple, IKEA-like instructions. But as I went through the instructions, I realized I need to use my old Cable 1 because the new one is too short. I plugged in the Ethernet cable, similar to how it was plugged in the old one. I also plugged in the power cable. I had to call Cox to activate the new modem. Then, I went on the internet browser to check my speed with this new modem, and it is now high. It felt exciting and scary because I was getting used to the annoying lag and slow internet speed. I clicked on the Corel Draw download to install it, and it moved fast through the whole process, which included the serial number, email activation, and registration. Then, I installed the Painter Essentials 6, which also went fast. Now, I need to learn them so I can do stuff on them. I need to practice the tools and keys so I can be more comfortable use it. 

While on Facebook, I noticed an article about Olivia Newton John battling Aggressive Stage 4 Cancer. It is the third time that she has been battling cancer. First, in 1992, then in 2013. In May 2017, doctors noticed a tumor at the base of her spine. She is mostly known for the musical movie, Grease. 


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