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Plans, Changes and Unexpected Surprises

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Today, I start noticing many changes. The weather is slowly changing to autumn weather and season. Although it is still warm, sunny and breezy in Southern California, the weather feels cooler and the days are getting shorter, which is sad because I like longer days. After one hour of morning yoga class, I walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill. I suddenly noticed large flat screen TVs hanging from the ceiling. I guess the new treadmills won’t get their own small TV screens like before. It will now be hard to control what will be on the screens. I also realized that I need to work out on the treadmill before yoga or pilates class. So, I need to come an hour earlier to do one hour on the treadmill before I go to one hour of yoga or pilates. Then, I will shower and leave.

I also noticed that the Spectrum Center remodeling is finished. It appears to be more sophisticated than before because they seemed to clean it up. The carousel was placed next to Target, along with other playground props for kids. The courtyards now has outdoor wicker seats with bold tropical colored cushions and chairs as well as lots of palm trees, water fountains, and large umbrellas. They got rid of the alley vendors, and replaced them with seats and tables for people to buy food and hang out.

There appears to be more activities on weekends at this mall until the rest of the year. Since this weekend is my birthday, I am considering going there and taking photographs of the changes and weekend entertainment. I am also changing because I will be 54. I also realized that my schedule changes on a weekly basis. Although I might have a basic workout schedule at the gym, sometimes the classes overlaps with meetups and other activities that might suddenly come up. So, I probably won’t go to yoga class and walking meetup this Friday because I want to check out the photography meetup instead. I still need to work on my graphic novel script. It is moving along slowly, as I try to write something for each page.

This afternoon, when I made coffee with my stovetop moka, I poured the got espresso coffee into my blender and pressed the frappe button. When I poured it in my mug, I noticed that the top layer was very foamy and frothy, like professional cappuccino, although I didn’t add any milk or cream. It was just foamy and frothy hot espresso. I also want to go to TJ Maxx this weekend to check on some specialty items. If I find something I really need, it will be my birthday gift to myself. This is so far my weekend plans, but it will likely change because my schedules always changes on a daily basis. I usually get unexpected surprises….


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