’Maker of Modern India’ :Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was founder of the Brahmo Samaj, a social-religious reform movement in India. His influence was apparent in the fields of politics, public administration and education as well as religion

The Master of social-religious reform  motion , Raja Ram Mohan Roy today as on 22nd May  is being recalled on his auspicious occasion of his Birth Centenary. The Great social Leader  firebrand  reformer got born on  22nd May 1772 and left this eternal world as on 27 September 1833.

He was also founder of “Bramho Samaj” through which social platform his immense contribution enriched Incredible India’s deep rooted cultural heritage. His innovative ways for  intending social changes and to wipe out religious Myth still stands tall in every sphere of Indian society. Rather than Social-Religious spectrum , Roy even influenced many fields of Politics, Public Administration and Education.

This 22nd May is being celebrated world wide including Google Doodle as the 246th Birth Anniversary .Raja Ram Mohan Roy is also believed as the Father of Indian resurrection  for restoring many social reforms in India. He was the 1st one who strongly condemned injustice to women in Medieval India and stood firm alone to fight for women rights in Indian Society.

Mr. Roy was in support of widow Marriage which made him extreme popular among women in India till today.He tried his best to root out social evils like Sati, Polygamy, child Marriage , caste discrimination , infanticide including illiteracy.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s public declaration to emigrate from Colonial India if British Parliament failed to pass the Reform Bill turned him giant of Social Reform.

Google loves to honour Shree Raja Ram Mohan Roy by citing a special title,’Maker of Modern India’ with a beautifully designed Doodle today.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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