Kamaladevi Chottopadhyay: Today’s Star Attraction of ‘Google Doodle’

Today ‘Google Doodle’ makes the world aware much about India’s incredible personalities not for the reason that CEO of Google is an Indian but to these incredible personality’s incredible and glorious past and their immense contribution to Indian Society. People across the globe today experience about ‘Kamaladevi Chottopadhyay’ via ‘Google Doodle’.

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Two important questions do arise in the minds of many unknown that…….

Who is ‘Kamaladevi Chottopadhyay’?

What are her Contributions to India and Indian Society?

Kamaladevi Chottopadhyay got born on 3rd April 1903 for which today’s Google Doodle does wish to celebrate her Birth Anniversary  and she died 29th October 1988.This 85 years in between her birth and death, she had contributed a lot to both India’s freedom Movement and social circumference.

Her glorious contribution of resurgence India’s handicraft ,handlooms and theatre art is really laudable and highly spoken off. Her relentless effort to empower Indian women is absolutely a true gift to Indian society and women.

Many socio-cultural organizations present today seems following her high valued thought and wishdom.

The center stage of Indian Theatre and drama at present are institutions like National School of Drama  and Sangeet Natak Academ. And these prominent institutes in the national capital of India truly was her vision. She was therefore degreed with India’s most promising awards like ‘Padma Bhushan’ and ‘Padma vibhushan’.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)