Loving Strawberries

In Southern California, Oxnard is the place to go if you really love strawberries. Every year they have a two-day California Strawberry Festival. Here you can enjoy not only strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam, strawberry tarts and strawberries dipped in chocolate but also strawberry pizza.

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You’ll also enjoy strawberry kababs that have been dipped in powdered sugar and drink strawberry smoothies. In Oxnard, strawberries are big business with annual revenues of $100 million dollars. Competing for all the money are 24 companies that harvest and ship strawberries all across the US and as far as Germany and Japan.

Every year over 85,000 people come to the festival and enjoy the arts and crafts exhibits, the musical entertainment, strolling musicians, clowns and for children Strawberry Land with a petting zoo. It is a wonderful experience every May at College Park.


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