Holiday Dating

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Over the weekend I heard two local DJ’s commenting on a social media term used in dating. The term is, “roaches”. Roaches are those individuals that are dating other people, without your knowledge.

Unfortunately there are many roaches out there. You can be fooled by the most slick, slithering cowards, who crawl out of the dating sewers. Be wary of them as you attend your holiday parties and events. If you feel someone is leading you on, they probably are. Don’t settle for a roach as the days grow short. Most certainly don’t snuggle up with a roach, because it’s gonna be a long, cold night.

People that are not honest with you about who they are dating, are cowards. Don’t be fooled by someone who wants to play the field, or “play it safe.” If they don’t want to be exclusive with you, they are just not that into you. If they are just not that into you, they are not worth your time–at all.

The quicker you move on to more peaceful, placid waters, the quicker you will find your prince charming. He can be a regular guy in jeans if you want, as long as he makes you feel like a princess.

Does he respect you? Does he tell you how much he enjoys your company? Does he make you laugh? Does he make you feel like no one else ever has before?

All of these things are worth your consideration. Don’t let the allure of someone’s physical attraction, distract you from what is really important.

You have to see those roaches lurking in the shadows. Once you spot them, you can stay away from them, or step on them if you want.  Do some early spring cleaning. Get those evil doers out of your life. Know who you are, so that people can’t use that against you. Your strength is in your weakness.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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