Hell Week 2017 in OC

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Today was 98 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime afternoon hours. But during the evenings, the heat went down to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels like summertime august weather in October, which isn’t really odd for Southern California because the OC, as well as LA, has tropical weather as well as bunch of palm trees and native succulent plants. I have noticed that the weather was this hot and humid since Monday. I am glad that I don’t have any hiking meetups for this week because I don’t think it is healthy to walk a lot in this heat and humidity. I decided to turn on the fan and work on my graphic novel, instead.

In the evening, I took a walk in the neighborhood to see if any neighbor put about Halloween decoration. I noticed a couple, around 3 or 4 townhouses. I still haven’t put up any decorations because I am not in the mood.

A couple of townhouses down, I noticed this pirate sign as well as some heads floating over the sign like some sacrificial ritual.

On the same street nearby, there was this graveyard with bones.

A masonic pumpkin?

A ghost family flying around haunting that corner townhouse…

Another house just had some scarecrows, promoting the autumn scene and pumpkins, corn, and other veggies and fruits.

Hell Week countdown to Hell-O’Ween 2017…I don’t really do anything for Halloween. But this year, I plan to go on a evening 5-mile sidewalk hike. I am sure we will see some trick or treaters going door to door to collect candy. I might even notice more Halloween decorations.


What do you think?