Florida man is running for President in 2020


If you have ever read any of the Florida man links in which Floridians do some of the weirdest things on the planet, then you have never thought that a person from Florida would be a credible Presidential candidate.  However, this strange fact has not stopped Florida lawyer Augustus Invictus for putting his hat into the political arena for 2020.

He will be involved in the Libertarian Primary race for President.  However, the favorites at this time are Adam Kokesh from the previous ‘Adam and the Man’ series and John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates.  If you have virus protection on your device, then it is likely that this protection is derived from him.

Basically, Augustus Invictus does not have a chance to win.  He’s so dull that he won’t even get an interview on the “Kennedy” show.

What do you think?

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  1. Such a badass name! 🙄
    I’ve always thought highly of Libertarians, but this guy doesn’t sound like one of them. He might get the votes from the far-right, unless there are ‘better’ options.
    No one beats Vermin Supreme though. 😍

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