Easter Sunday and Noruz Celebrations at the Park

Sunday, April 01, 2018

I went to sleep at 12:12 am.

Today is Easter Sunday and Noruz (Persian New Year) at Mason Park. I didn’t have any plans. So, I decided to go for a stroll at the park. But it looked cloudy, cool, and a little windy. I decided to work on retouching some pages of my graphic novel all morning before taking a break. I ate my lunch at 12:12 noon, and I got ready for my stroll. I left my townhouse at around 1 pm.

The park was filled with people, families, dogs, bicycles, scooters, tents food, music, and dancing. Many ducks, geese, seagulls, and turtles were enjoying the manmade lakes. I saw a pretty duck, which looked like a swan, with her two cute ducklings. There were many discarded grassy bunches from the Persian New Year. I took one, for fun, and filled it with knots as I made many wishes, until there weren’t any grassy blades left on the grassy thing. I dropped it over the edge of the manmade lake because I saw other people doing it first. Then, I took a stroll through the park. I pick up four plastic Easter Eggs at different areas along my way, and I noticed there were some candies inside. I guess this was my Easter surprise. I also saw some white feathers, in which I think were from the seagulls because I didn’t see any white birds. There were mostly ducks and geese. But later I noticed two seagulls flying over the lake.

Some people were friendly. A woman there offered me some kebob, which looked good if I liked meat, but I told her I don’t eat meat.

I walked home at 3 pm, went to the bathroom, wore an old denim jacket, and changed my purse. I suddenly noticed that time was 3:33 pm. I walked back outside at 4 pm, and I felt that it was starting to cool down, but I ended up staying at the park for one hour, just walking around and people watching. The pets and kids were fun to watch. I returned home, changed my clothes to relax and make dinner, and I noticed the time was 5:55 pm.

(I don’t know why my selfies came out upside down when I put them in my post).


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