Deep Thoughts: Holiday Edition

Photos courtesy of Christmas Bells.

Now that I have to wear socks at night, and we enjoy cold evenings, and even colder mornings,  I ‘ve had some time to sit and wonder about life, and take stalk of my year.

In the stillness of the winter air, I find comfort in the wonder of this holiday season, and here, are my thoughts, so far:

1.  When a girl walks by, wearing really tight pants, and you turn your head too late, is that mistletoe?

2.  If a pirate visits San Diego, what Vietnamese restaurant does he go to?  Hoi Tan?

3.  If “Home Alone,” is not on any channel, is that a Blue Christmas?

4.  If your friend Itati flirts with every guy at the party, does that make her a Hot Totty?

5.  If your boyfriend makes you popcorn and you sleep with him, (on the third date), does that make you a pop tart?

6.  If I listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, does that make me a giving B?

7.  If I tell Santa I want a ring for Christmas, will he confuse that with Boxing Day?


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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