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Celebration 8 of my granddaughter Dunja's birthday,

Robin Biznis Belgrade, Serbia,  written  June 23.2019

My granddaughter Dunja celebrated her 8th birthday on June 22 in my yard in Borca.

About this letter, the day after June 23, and I’m going to publish it.My quiz is waiting for more than 4 days to post!The story is everyday. Every one of us celebrates in one day the birthday.But customs and celebrations are  different  from country and nation.It is our custom to meet guests with food and music.This time there was no music for people to talk to each other.The kids were the most beautiful.They had a big yard for their ball games.

Many girls were playing with my confused dog.She did not know what had happened to her.

The children barely found out that a small fireworks fire. and to sing a birthday cake.All the gods got one piece and I as a diabetic.She was great.Time was mercy on that afternoon.It’s only late in the evening when everyone has gone. it began to rush again, to lighten the lightning and to rain abundantly.Quite common for these past seven days.I was naturally happy when I watched my yard a lot of children playing with carelessness.I hope the other guests were satisfied.After all, I was also a guest.The birthday was arranged by my daughter and her husband.There are occasions with such small variations as celebrations in our country.Let me not write more because photographs speak more than a thousand words.

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