Artists Of Then, Now & Forever Forever Country & The Making of Forever Country


I have always loved this song, but this performance changes and magnifies the meaning ten times over. It celebrates so many different artists and so many songs. For those who grew up listening to this music, sometime not by choice, it feels like love. You see, country music really is not judgemental. It is will to give everyone a place at the table. You can feel the love in country music. If you can’t listen to this and feel the love, then I am truly sad for you. Even you if don’t love the music, it is my hope that you feel the love.

I would love to know what you think.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Thank you for sharing. That is awesome. I am a fan of rock and roll but with a passion also for country music. The original the old kind of country nothing modern and unusual. I really loved this. I get my dose of country on YouTube.

    • Oh I must share. We were in Vegas and the performer sang every kind of music from ever era. He offered a deal. He challenged one person to have their id taped to the bottom of his tip jar and if he could guess the age within a certain range the loser would give him a 20, if not he would split the tip jar.

      I got half the tips. He said, you know the words and can sing along with any song this band knows – who are you?

      I just laughed and said check my license, my name is right there with the year I was born.


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