Abiy Ahmed announced 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Abiy Ahmed was able to do the unthinkable and was able to procure a peace agreement with Eritrea in September 2018 that ended a 20-conflict.

Eritrea has the nickname of the “North Korea of Africa.”  Eritrea is known for their atrocious human rights history after becoming an independent nation in 1993.  Ethiopia had annexed Eritrea before it was independent and attempted to recapture Eritrea back in 1998.  However, both armies do not really fight that well because there was a military stalemate in this war for 20 years.

Nevertheless, Ahmed was able to come to an agreement with Eritrea, which is under military rule that acts like a dictatorship.  Ethiopia agreed to recognize Eritrea as an independent nation and to have the UN lift all economic sanctions against Eritrea.  Eritrea agreed to trade freely with Ethiopia and to no longer commit acts of terrorism against Ethiopia.  Hopefully, this peace will allow for Eritrea to one day stop treating their people like garbage.


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