A ‘Successful’ Woman – 1

I was standing in the middle of the hall, relishing my triumph. I had been selected for the prestigious award and wanted to absorb every second of the event.

I had carefully chosen this dress because it emphasised my figure, and confirmed that I had not changed in size from the twenty three year old who graduated medical school, to this woman of forty nine who had achieved the summit of her profession.

My hair was slightly dyed to cover the few gray strands, my makeup had been artfully applied. I wanted to look my best on this special day.

I moved from the preparing banquet hall, just wanting to see it as it was, before the guests arrived and strode to the entrance hall, where people were congregating.

I moved quietly, playing for unobtrusive,but of course, I was seen and congratulated. I took a glass of white wine, bathing in my success.


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Written by jaylar