Youtubers Discuss Forever 21 Bankruptcy

Wednesday, 9.18.19d

As I browse on Youtube, I notice more videos about Forever 21 filing bankruptcy. 

This Youtuber responds to the Forever 21 bankruptcy. This male Youtuber claims this problem is due to changing consumer attitudes, online shopping, inconsistent targeting, and growing competition from other stores’ makeover changes. H&M and The Gap have also had problems in the past. (I personally thought The Gap had closed long time ago because I haven’t seen any Gap stores in my area for a long time).

While browsing on Youtube, I noticed this video about a young woman shocked of the recent news about Forever 21 filing bankruptcy. It is shocking that a young adult popular store is closing down because it has been popular for a long time. But so many other stores and restaurants have already closed down, and I am sure this trend is continuing for the New World Order agenda and economic collapse of my stores, which is quite sad, especially if I shop at these stores that are closing down. Moreover, the business industry has been pushing people to shop online, which I rarely do anyway because I like browsing in person and trying items on before I make my shopping choice. Again, it is all a part of the New World Order agenda to move fully toward online shopping for everything on Amazon, which I don’t really like, although I must buy small items on items, once in a while.

I think it should be a Pro Choice issue for each individual, like everything else in society.

Unfortunately, this bankruptcy trend will continue because I keep noticing another store going down, whether in real life or someone’s video.

But I also heard that some Target and Walmart stores are also closing down. I still think the Zionist industry are pushing lazy people toward only online shopping for clothes, accessories, and even food. I personally cannot live like that. I need to go out, shop around, and choose what I want in person. But many lazy people are already shopping online for most of their needs. I know some in real life. That is their personal preference, but it is not my life nor my preference.

Again, I think it should be Pro Choice where people shop for their needs and wants. I just hope we aren’t moving towards “only online shopping for everything” because that is a pathetic and sad future.

These new logos and items are fun for many young people, but I guess it can get overwhelming for young adults. You need to know what you really want and need so that you don’t get distracted for other items you like but you don’t really need. 


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