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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I woke up early in the morning, at 8:30 am, just in time for Breakfast in Tiffany’s to come on at an indie channel. I was watching it last night, which was at 1:30 am, but halfway through the movie, the indie channels went off the air. So, I went to bed.

I checked the time toward the end of the movie, and I noticed it is almost 10:30 am. So, I turned on my computer to watch a Webster University Webinar. I checked out this webinar because I am a WU alum with an executive MBA, and I am currently looking for my next project after self-publishing my graphic novel. My next project is actually marketing and sales. I am considering a sequel, but not sure yet. 

Dave Feldman and James Beal discuss networking and building relationships. Career fairs might be helpful, but I don’t agree because I used to go to them and I think they are only helpful for salespeople. Family/friends connections, online social connections, informational interviews, work social events, and professional events are other events to consider for networking. Meetup group and training events are yet other places to network. Nowadays, I mostly do online and meetup connections, although I noticed it is mostly social and most of the people are long distant.

Ask for contact information and follow-up, as well as take down their email, phone number, cell number or business card. Again, I feel that these methods are getting old, and I have used them during late 90s and early 2000. And, I am ready for a new modern version. Skype might be an option. I have socialized people on Skype. Do a lot of research.

Expectation? Look for inside information, advice, job search tips, and contacts.

The secret is in asking detailed and specific questions, and just read between the lines. You are looking for leads, possibilities, and “connections.” Don’t expect more. Just gather information for future possibilities.

Differentiate between being unemployed, job transition, and in-between jobs? Be specific with your situation with details, emphasizing that you are busy working on something while transitioning yourself into a full-time position. Promote yourself in a positive way, highlight certain skills you are currently using during this transitional period.

Network with similar people, whether similar careers or similar job interests. Consider a professional organization or club. I wouldn’t go to association members, gym, coffee shops, or local grocery stores for networking purposes. I used to hang out and socialize at these areas in the past, and it was just a social venue for me, mostly gathering certain information about what others are doing. But I noticed most of these people are in the same position as me. And, it was like “the blind leading the blind.”

Ice breakers? Consider adding humor to lighten up the situation, but don’t overdo it with too much humor because most people just don’t have personality or a sense of humor. Maybe even talk about hobbies and interests. Just try to avoid topics about religion and politics.

They answer some questions from the webinar chat box. Consider volunteering opportunities as well as work gathering places. List activities and places that are you currently involved with, and network there on a regular basis.

Differentiate between intentional and accidental leads and networking. One is unplanned, when socializing and not really thinking about networking. It just happens naturally. Intentional leads and networking happen when you plan the process, from the business suit attire, business cards and maybe even some resumes and other information, to writing out questions and topics to discuss with certain people at certain business events.

What is your elevator pitch and personal brand? I should consider a new one for promoting my graphic novel. For one thing, I feel I learned new skills while working on a graphic novel.

Taking action…

  • Check out You Today professional networking
  • I added some snapshots from the latest walking meetup because it was similar to a networking meetup. 


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