Why You Follow The Money

I was on my Parish Disaster Committee in Jamaica. A hurricane was coming. I went to This is a site which represents a company which insures yachts.

I’d been told about the site years before, and always hit it when storms were predicted. This is because it is in the economic interest of the company which runs the site NOT to  have to pay. It is very important to that company that every single yacht they insure is alerted so as to be out of harm.

This is why, everyone in Jamaica was at High Alert, except me. I was sitting on the beach. I’d warned those in charge of the PDC but they slapped away my advisory that the storm would pass harmlessly (to Jamaica)  East of the island.

History belongs to the Victor, but the money is protected by the owners.

When Lloyds of London paid out on Five Hundred Ships the power of the Moors (corsairs) was proven. History may ignore how many European sailors were taken into slavery by the Moors.   History can pretend that the Europeans were all powerful. But Lloyd’s paid on five hundred ships in one seven year period, meaning how many hundreds were not insured, how many hundreds had their policies vitiated?

When every you deal with any political situation, find out whose pocket benefits and you’ll get an idea of the why and how and what.

What do you think?

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